Murud, Maharashtra, a jewel in India!

January 3, 2016

Hey forum, so  > Murud <, nuff said.

Hah, so what the heck is so special about that little town Murud in Maharashtra, India? Why did i enjoy it so much, and why you should visit it before you go to Goa, if you are coming from the north (Mumbai/Pune or w/e).

So it was December of 2014, i was traveling with my English friend named Matt and we had just finished our Mumbai experience, it was pretty insane, Mumbai is a killer city! We had enough of it and decided to move, Goa state was sure on the list, we had to take a chilled break in between the huge megapolis and the craziest party state in incredible India. We somehow heard of Murud, and off we went.

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Madikeri, India! Forests, bribe and coffee!

November 24, 2015

Off we go to Madikeri!

Madikeri is a hill station town  (1,061m above sea level) in Karnataka state of India. Located between Mysore and Manglore cities (about 130km from both), it can be reached only by bus, train stations are about 120km away (Hassan, Kasaragod, Kanhangad, Kannur, Thalassery). The climate is amazing between December and March, almost no rain and sunny warm weather with chilled evenings.

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