Murud, Maharashtra, a jewel in India!

January 3, 2016

Hey forum, so  > Murud <, nuff said.

Hah, so what the heck is so special about that little town Murud in Maharashtra, India? Why did i enjoy it so much, and why you should visit it before you go to Goa, if you are coming from the north (Mumbai/Pune or w/e).

So it was December of 2014, i was traveling with my English friend named Matt and we had just finished our Mumbai experience, it was pretty insane, Mumbai is a killer city! We had enough of it and decided to move, Goa state was sure on the list, we had to take a chilled break in between the huge megapolis and the craziest party state in incredible India. We somehow heard of Murud, and off we went.

So tell us about Murud:

Murud is known for a notable beach, and for its proximity to Janjira off the coast of Rajapuri, a sea fort. Murud-Janjira is the local name for a fort situated at the coastal village of Murud, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. It is notable for being the only fort along India’s western coast that remained undefeated despite Maratha, Dutch and English East India Company attacks. There are plenty of foods to eat in Murud; Seafood: prawns, surumai, pomfret, kingfish, mackerel, crab, lobster. Vegetables: eggplant (brinjal), sweet potato, sugarcane, onions, garlic. Cereals: rice. Fruits: coconut, mango, watermelon, bananas, jack fruit, kokum. Nuts: Betel nut, cashew nut. Spices: black pepper. Fish surmai, rawas prons lobster octopus Bombay duck (bombil). Just pick and enjoy!

Murud Murud

How to get to Murud from Mumbai?

Now to get to Murud from Colaba area of Mumbai, you need to get to the gate of India, where you catch a boat to a place called Rewas, where you get a bus to Kihim, there you either get another bus or just go on shared car to Murud.

On the way to the jewel

So off we went, the boat ride was pretty chilled, we were enjoying the ride through the clouds of pollution near Mumbai, after a while we got to the shore again and waited for a bus. The bus came, off we went again, bumpy ride, headphones, punk rock and we got to the next city. On the bus station we had a fruit shake, and while drinking an Indian guy approached us and offered a ride to Murud in his car for a price a lil higher than the bus, we agreed and we got squeezed inside a small car with other random local people and a crying little girl. Bumpy ride, headphones, punk rock (again) and boom, we got to Murud!

The guesthouse and around

There are not too many accommodation options in Murud, it is not that cheap as well. We got a room in “Sea Shore Beach Resort“, here are a few pics of the guesthouse and around.

Murud Murud Murud Murud sunset

So the guesthouse was amazing and everything, we went down to chill out on the hammocks and enjoy the rest of the day. Near the hammocks spot we met a couple, a girl and a doctor guy, now this doc was no ordinary doc, he was into psychedelic substances and spirituality, but like fuark! He told us stories about drugs and medical uses of them + his own experiences, damn, the people you meet on the travels can sometimes be truly unique (all of us are bla bla).

The rest of the day was all about the chill, we ate some nice food in a local restaurant and went to the room to start our own smoking ritual, haha, we got extremely baked and we had to get munchies. There was a little store not far from our guesthouse, we those huge “Monster” energy drinks and lots of snacks. Just as we got the “laughs”  the shopkeeper asked us; “So how do you like India so far?” with an extremely funny and high voice, we bursted out laughing and i felt kinda shitty, but anyhow, we got the munchies and finished the night with a smile.

Sightseeing in Murud

On the next day we went cycling around! Murud is so small, you can go around and see everything in one day! The problem is the bikes you get, they are rubbish! Going up the roads was pretty hard for me, Matt was doing well, he used to cycle a lot back in England. Here are pictures from around the town.

Murud Murud Murud Murud Murud Murud

So yeah, local markets, places lost in time, nice temple and a view-point. The highlight of the day was a boat trip to Janjira fort. Me and Matt got to the pier not far from the city to get a boat to the fort, the things is, if you want to get to the fort you have to wait for the boat to get full, we were 2/10, no other people around. We had decided on waiting, good choice for sure. Why? Well, after about fifteen minutes a jeep full of drunk and stoned Indian guys stopped near us, they were really friendly and kind, we got free drinks and joints from them. Their “leader” was named “The boss”, hilarious lol. He was rolling rockets stuffed with Indian weed, we got baked pretty fast in a hot south Indian day, great!


“The Boss” is the guy with the red shirt. Matt is on the left.

Soon the boat was full of people and we went to one of the most amazing forts i have seen in my life!

Murud Murd Janjira fort

In the fort we lost the Indian guys 🙁 and just started walking around, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G views! The fort is so fortified that it was not conquered by any kings ruling the territories around, hardcore.

Murud Janjira fort Murud Janjira fort Murud Janjira fort Murud Janjira fort Murud Janjira fort Murud Janjira fort Murud Janjira fort Murud Janjira fort

I do miss India a lot, writing this stuff brings back amazing memories, i am so glad i can share that stuff with the world. After the trip to the fort we went back to the mainland, said bye to the Indian guys and cycled back to Murud. There we rode on ATVs on the beach (bargain hard), and went back to the guesthouse to chill out.

Murud ATV

In the next morning we went off on the first bus, we were going to Roha, where we took the train to Thivim, Northern Goa! The price of the train was about 90rs (1.5 dollars), general class, insane experience.


Thx for reading! Make sure you visit Murud on your travels!

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    My trip to Murud Janjira Fort,Maharashtra,India

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      Hey Girish, thx for sharing. Great quality photos!