Bangkok story – arriving to Thailand!

November 2, 2015

My Bangkok story begins here..

Bangkok Skybar

Bangkok from 60 something floor!

From Chennai to Bangkok:

So there i was, on my way to Chennai airport after arriving from Pondicherry. This was my first country hop after three months in India, i was a little worried, but nothing too tense. At the airport i met two amazing girls from Finland and nice a nice American guy. We were socializing for a bit and after a while we had to hit the immigration, soon i found myself in the plane sitting near a Thai couple. The flight was great, i had three Singha beers on the plane, after the third i passed out and later on woke up in amazing Thailand.


That beer..

Hello Thailand, i promise i will behave!

I met all the friends in the baggage claiming area, we went through the immigration and i got my one month visa. I used some airport ATM to get my first 10000 Thai Baht (about 330 Dollars, 1 dollar = 30~ Baht). While walking towards the taxi station we were speaking about our mixed feelings of landing in a new country. The taxi to Khao San Road cost us “meter + 50 Baht“, we paid the guy about 100 Baht each + tip (400 Baht total).

Arriving in Khao San Road:


Khao San Road during the day

After smooth 45 minutes of driving and chatting we had finally hit the most famous street for travelers in Bangkok, Khao San Road! Damn, that was a cultural shock again, because at 3:30 AM the street was still alive, filled with drunk party people, ladyboys approaching almost every guy, laughing gas stations, street massage parlours, 7\11 shops and many more things that were completely new to me! I was amazed, after about a month of going through quite places of India with literally NO nightlife, arriving at Khao San, pff insane. So we did not party that night, we were tired from the flight and the travel, we started looking for a guesthouse and the one we stopped at was “7 holder guesthouse“, where me and my American buddy Doug got a double room with a fan and shared toilets for about 200 Baht, good night.

Day number Uno – Around Khao San


Near Khao San Road

We woke up after a looooong sleep, feeling energized and ready to conquer!

Going out for breakfast was great, Khao San was packed with people from every nation in the world, beautiful. We found a nice place with something that looked like a small waterfall (The Macaroni Club), and i was pretty shocked to see the prices, it was about double the price from India (Khao San is super touristy, prices are high,although cheap meals are available too, just get out of there!). While eating, a local guy came by and offered us scorpions on stick, hell yeah we have tried, nothing special though, crispy.

Eating scorpions in Khao San Road

Scorpions are.. Tasty?

Later on we went for a walk, and straight away a tuktuk (Asian version of the Indian rickshaw on steroids) driver approached us and offered us a 40 Baht sightseeing ride, cheap eh? Well there is a catch, eventually they take you to a traveling agency to get commission, you don’t have to buy anything there though, so overall it is a good deal! We agreed and he took us to see some stuff around. The Buddhist culture is very interesting.

Bangkok Buddhist culture

Buddhist style

After the sightseeing we were taken to a traveling agency, where a girl name Ann tried selling us stuff. She did offer us a nice deal, 3 days\2 nights trekking in Chiang Mai, me and the Finnish girls were in and Doug was out, he had back issues and he decided on staying a lil more in Bangkok. We paid for the trekking and were happy to be spontaneous. Later on we returned to Khao San for food and chilling out.

One night in Bangkok

At night of day number one i wanted to party hard, so i googled places to party in Bangkok, Patpong street came up. Now Patpong is a sub street of Silom Road, which is a pretty freaking huge street. Me, Doug and Tanja (one of the Finnish girls) went there on a taxi.

Patpong street

Patpong, you can try..

What can i tell you about Patpong, well, it is mainly aimed at gay people and it is full of prostitutes and strip clubs, there is a night market there too. We entered some club that had a pretty small amount of people, bought beers and started dancing. Me and Doug were tearing up the dance floor, hah poor Doug, i kinda felt bad for dragging him to this place (remember his back issues?), but on fire he was! Anyway, the club was packed with pros and old guys, hilarious.

My friends wanted to go back and i was still in a good party mood. The time was about 3AM, the fellas took a taxi back and i stayed alone. I approached a tuktuk driver and told the dude to take me to another party, he was like: yeah yeah, party, music, girls. Not bad i thought, probably he was taking me to a decent night club. Pff, not at all, the fucker brough me to a brothel with a bar, i was shocked when i entered, about 50 girls sitting on couches and old dudes drinking beers and taking them out one by one. I went back to the guesthouse on my own that night.

And the next day…

Not much happened during the day, just eating and going around Khao San, eating, drinking beer, and eating again. Me and the girls went to see the “Sky bar“, where the movie “Hangover 2” took place, amazing views (the first picture on the post). At night, all the crew except Dan was ready to go clubbing, and we went to a place called “The club” (Oh that club became a legendary place for me, a must if you like clubbing and want to practice your club game).

The entrance to the “The Club” is 150 Baht + beer or a breezer (2015 prices). We entered, drank our free drinks and went to the dance floor, the atmosphere was great and we were enjoying. The girls left after a while and i stayed alone just to find myself dancing and making out with a pretty Thai girl as soon as they left.

The club got closed at 2AM, the girl i was dancing with invited me over to sit with her friends in a pub nearby. That pub got three people their Thai flags, let me tell you why and how! So we entered that pub and the Thai girl wanted me to buy drinks for all her friends and her, a gold digger, bye bye.

After about 10 seconds a group of guys sat near me and i started speaking with them, i shared some stories from India and they told me that they came for a month in Thailand on a booked tour (dat sux bruh). While speaking, three Thai girls sat on a table not far from us. The guys tried approaching them, but their English was limited and they were a bit creepy in their approach (I would describe it as “cave man” approach, but the cave was fucked up). I told the guys that it probably will not work that way, the girls moved a table and i quickly said goodbye to the guys and joined the Thai ladies.

So what happened next was pretty fucking funny.

Me and the girls were chatting and i picked a girl i liked and decided to go for her, i was flirting her while not neglecting her friends. At some point, one of the girls said she liked a guy who was playing pool nearby, but she was too shy to approach him, guess who did the job for her? I went to the pool table and started speaking to that dude, he was a huge American guy, i told him; there is a girl i am sitting with that likes you a lot, and i told him that his chances are probably high. He was like: sure, why not? He came to sit with us and after a while he left with one of the girls, 1 left, 1 more to go.

After some chatting the other Thai girl saw this British lad sitting and drinking beer alone, she was super into him, guess who did the job for her too? I was like: Man, you see that girl over there, she likes you, go there if you wanna get some tonight. He approached her and after a while they left. Mission complete with bonuses, i had a girl secured to myself, set up two lads with girls, what else?!

So since i was sharing a room with Dan, we had to find another place, we assumed that her room was taken by her friends, but we decided on checking. Damn funny moment that was, i opened the door to find the British lad banging one of the girls while the other one was sleeping near by. We had to rent a room in their guesthouse. I spent a great night with that Thai girl and got back to my guesthouse at 11AM.

The last day – Outta Bkk

In the next day i was walking around the guesthouse and suddenly who did i see? The British lad, we passed near each other, stopped, looked at each other’s faces like: “Hey that is you from yesterday yeahhhhhhhh”, we hugged each other and he thanked me, i was glad! The funny thing was that he was my neighbour and i had no idea, hilarious lol.

I slept through the day up until the time we had to go on the bus to Chiang Mai, i said goodbye to Doug and me and the Finnish girls continued our journey to the north of Thailand!

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