15 extraordinary guesthouses in Asia!

April 16, 2016

I have spent around a year traveling around Asia and i have stayed in many guesthouses, some were a complete mess, some were nice and comfy but some were truly special and extraordinary. This list contains my favorites, let me know what you think in the comment section! Let’s begin!

1. Pai Circus School, Pai, Thailand!

Fire show

A fire show, can you? (c) Mish Sukharev – Flickr.

The perfect place for a backpacker in Pai, with tremendous sightseeing spots, swimming pool, restaurant, shishas, internet cafe, trampoline, every night campfire, jams and more! The most unusual feature of the guesthouse is the circus school, you can learn circus tricks at almost any day of the week for just 600Baht/20USD (lifetime membership), fire poi or staff, tightrope walking, juggling and others.

2. Phetdavanh guest house, Muang Ngoi, Laos!

Phetdavanh guesthouse buffet

Phetdavanh guesthouse buffet – the sweet part.

Located in a small village called Muang Ngoi in the northern part of Laos, Phetdavanh guesthouse offers a great morning/evening buffet for only 25000KIP/3USD. The guesthouse itself has basic rooms with shared showers for a great price. The buffet is so good..

3. Little Italy, Manali, India!

Little Italy Manali

Little Italy serves the best pizza in town. (c) Wojtek Szkutnik – Flickr.

Little Italy is a quite and cheap guesthouse in Manali, India. The guesthouse has many low price rooms (starting from 300INR/5USD) with hot water and private toilets, a pool table is also available. The special feature of the guesthouses is the pizza they make in their restaurant. Try many kinds of pizzas baked in front of you in a wooden oven, yummy! The best pizza in town!

4. 11 Happy backpackers, Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

11 happy backpackers

Me wearing the “11 Happy Backpackers” tank top.

This party guesthouse is a great place to spend your Phnom Penh days. Dorms and private rooms are available for a good price (5USD for dorm, 8USD for a private). There is a rooftop with many party activities (beerpong table, pool tables, darts, music, restaurant). Downstairs, in the lobby, you will find the movie room, playing blockbusters, documentaries, Cambodian history and backpacking classic movies, the place has a great A/C!

5. Paradise Bungalows, Don Det, Laos!

Don Det paradise

Ever been to paradise? (c) Felix Dance – Flickr

Bungalows, Mekong river, hammocks – what else do you need?! The little guesthouse has seven small bungalows and a restaurant with delicious and cheap food. A book exchange service is also available, it benefits the “Children’s Fund” providing emergency medical/dental care for the women and the children of Don Det. Come to paradise and help maintaining it!

6. Thakhek Travel lodge, Thakhek, Laos!

Thakhek loop

Came here for the loop?

Thakhek town is the starting point of the “Thakhek loop” – a three to four days motorbike loop. The guesthouse is usually the meeting point for the people who want to find buddies for the loop, dorms and privates are available. A nice restaurant is serving all kinds of local and western food, the staff of the guesthouses is welcoming and pleasant.

7. Slumber Party, Koh Phanghan, Thailand!

Getting ready for the "Full Moon Party"

Slumber Party is getting ready for the “Full Moon Party”

Formerly known as “Ringside” hostel, Slumber party is a hot spot in Koh Phanghan island. In my opinion this place is the best party hostel in the Island, amazing crowd, beer pong is played almost 24/7, great music all day long, all sorts of competitions with prizes and a lot of booze. Book ahead, prices rise during the “Full Moon Party” times!

8. Backpackers House, Nha Trang, Vietnam!

Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang beaches are simply stunning. (c) Alexandr Zykov – Flickr.

This place is friendly for the partying backpacker in Nha Trang. Enjoy music all day long, alcohol buckets, O.K level rooms and a nice crowd of people staying there. Close to many nightlife spots and just a ten minutes walk from the beach.

9. Hằng Nga guesthouse, Da Lat, Vietnam!

Crazyhouse Da Lat

The bear room in the “Hằng Nga” guesthouse (c) Mr.Theklan – Flickr.

Popularly known as the “Crazy House”, this guesthouse is for sure something else. The design of the rooms is unique, 10 themed rooms are available and each one has an animal as its theme; examples include the bear room, the eagle room, the ant room and many more. Which themed room will you choose?

10. Darling View Point, Pai, Thailand!

Darling View Point Pai

The Darling View Point dorms..

The Darling View Point dorm is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Ahh, Darling, Darling.. Just imagine a guesthouse where you have amazing sunset views, dorms with king size beds (for the good and the bad), and a nice lady running the place, for whom you are forever a darling. If you are in Pai, give it a shot.

11. The Goan Corner, Hampi, India!

Hampi India travel

Hampi, a backpacker’s paradise.

Arrive to Hampi, cross the river, go right through the rice paddies, and there you are! The Goan Corner, a perfect place to socialize in Hampi and have a unique staying experience. The guesthouse offers huts with attached bathrooms, but the extraordinary feature is the “one million stars” dormitory, for a cheap price you will find yourself sleeping in an open air roof. Ran by Thakur and Sharmilla, this place definitely has its own magic. Note: They have a huge dog (seriously huge) living there, beware if you are afraid of dogs. Enjoy your stay!

12. Sapa Backpackers, Sapa, Vietnam!

Sapa kids

A street kid riding a buffalo in Sapa. (c) Roger Riera – Flickr.

Sapa Backpackers is a community centre, the guesthouse offers free English classes to little street kids and orphans. You can help and volunteer, if you want. There are single, twin and dorm rooms. The place itself is just a simple guesthouse, but the feeling you get after teaching the kids, it’s something else.

13. Monkey Republic, Shianoukville, Cambodia!

Sihanoukville sunset

Sihanoukville’s sunsets will leave you speachless. (c) Missmei – Flickr.

Sihanoukville’s backpacker central. This place offers cheap, clean accommodation with a great locations close to all the nightlife action. Features a great bar with happy hours between 6-9PM, with good music and a happy crowd of backpackers from all corners of the world. If you happen to be in Snooky (Sihanoukville), jump over for a cool experience.

14. Sai guesthouse, Huay Sen, Laos!

Sai Guesthouse Huay Sen

A room in Sai Guest House, comfy?

Huay Sen is a tiny little village in northern Laos, you can get here only by trekking from Muang Ngoi (between one-two hours walking time), this tiny room costs 10000KIP (a little more than a single dollar). An amazing experience, sweet dreams!

15. Hotel Peackock, Pushkar, India!

Hotel Peacock Pushkar

The water slide is a great way to battle the heat of Pushkar.

Welcome to Hotel Peacock and welcome to Pushkar. This accommodation has it all, nice rooms, tasty food and a water slide. Moreover, there is a temple just a minute away, chill out with the sadus and have a few puffs of charas. The heat of the Rajasthani desert is hardcore, water slide your way to happiness!

15 extraordinary guesthouses in Asia!

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